Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox 1.0.0

Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox 1.0.0 | 9.4MB
Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox is a set of Dreamweaver server behaviors and commands for creating database driven web applications using PHP, ColdFusion and ASP VBScript server scripting technologies. This Dreamweaver extension helps web developers create membership-based websites, portals, blogs, image galleries as well as CMS, CRM, back-ends, and other web-based solutions without requiring advanced programming knowledge.

Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox includes the following modules:
* Dynamic Lists and Forms - build advanced lists and forms from Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.
* Form Validation - create easy to use and fill in HTML forms by adding validation rules.
* File Upload - upload files and images, create thumbnails.
* User Login - create user registration forms and protect your sites against unauthorized access.
* Send E-mail - send e-mail messages on HTML form submit.
* Form Controls - HTML form validation and enhanced usability.
* Query Builder - use a visual interface to build SQL queries.
* Server-Side Includes - create static and server technology based includes.
* Advanced Repeated Regions - add horizontal/vertical loopers and nested repeat regions to your website.

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