Portable Adobe After Effects CS3

Portable Adobe After Effects CS3 | 357MB
Easily create and animate vector graphics with new Shape Layers. Add and animate strokes, fills, gradients, and vector effects. You can convert text into shapes and animate them just like any other shape type
Puppet tool
This new, fast, and intuitive animation tool lets you squash and stretch images or text to bring it to life as an animated character. Use Motion Sketch to record the position and speed of your puppet movements, the Starch tool to stiffen areas of the character, and the Overlap tool to control the depth of elements of your puppet.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended integration
Enjoy a streamlined workflow with support for importing layered Adobe Photoshop® images including video layers. Sophisticated Photoshop Layer Styles can be easily modified or animated within After Effects. Import Vanishing Point data from Photoshop into After Effects to build 3D compositions automatically.

Tight integration with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Work more efficiently to create and edit animations for playback on Adobe Flash® Player software. Preserve vectors from animations created in After Effects for lean and clean delivery, and encode FLV files more easily. Import SWF files as vectors with alpha channels preserved and batch render FLV files with embedded cue points.

Per-character 3D text animation
Explore new text animation possibilities by making individual characters in your text — or an entire phrase — move and rotate in 3D space.

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