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Not easy to get an explicit influence on what is real about SEO and affect the development of the Page Rank (PR) on the Google blog that we usually update once in 3-4 months, there is some statement or statements on matters affecting the development of PR, Alexa and other than technoraty, a blog content, and even the title and theme of the blog was no longer a simple matter that can affect the development of our Page Rank blog, it is a template, the template can affect the Page Rank?

Lets Thing
Using the template of accessories, widget, script-script that meticulous, layout is ragged, the addition of Animation etc., can cause us to be a blog for the heavy load, (akan exquisite in connection standards). And that can cause a Search engine like google having trouble Meng'Index our blog as a whole, because of the duration Loading Templatenya because 'so' the time needed by the Search Engine will be longer, and this in the not too Senangi by the Search Engine eat as much time to do the index blog / site, so they simply ignore such things before, because for them a second time means that once it is not possible to be a waste of time because only a single blog / site with a degree Lola ( Duration of loading).
How were confused, usually this happens when we go on a blog layout with a busy, crowded, uniform and Poor, the Bad Navigate to make this blog as one way link, in other words, there is only way in it, and there is no way out, so we had difficulty and do not know where to be (imagine if you are in the forest), you can Log In to Out, but difficult, as if trapped in Article One, and there are only around the image and widget-widget that does not know what to use, Incurred ago Disconnect despair and sense of Suicide, eh wrong, close the windows the best way .. (failed again)

solution of all problems you have can be completed easily, and the first thing you can do is to visit the site below "Arizona web design", as they said "Arizona seo" can help you solve the problem we SEO your site, one words that make me continue to remember the word "cool before and after gallery," selogan good is not it?

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