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You must know that has been online since 1995, helping people find the mortgage that best suits their needs.
Here, Mortgage Finders Network specializes in finding mortgage loans regardless of our locale - let them do the heavy lifting for lower mortgage rates today! we need only fill out the form above to get started & we'll match you with the loan product that best fits your unique financial needs.

Types of loan
Here are a number of mortgage loan types that they routinely help people find:

Conventional Loans
Conventional mortgage Loans are managed by banks or private lenders. unlike FHA loan (which are guaranteed by the FHA) bank take sole responsibility for the fund lent.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans
Jumbo Mortgage Loans that are greater than $420.000. mortgage Finders Network, work with a network of proven jumbo lenders that specialize in funding this speciality loan

FHA Mortgage
These loan are guaranteed by the federal Housing administration and help borrowers of all kind get lower, more secure rates. specific criteria must be met to qualify for an FHA Loan.

Some things to consider when comparing mortgage loans:
  1. Rates - Check to see if the quoted rates are the lowest for the that day or the week. Is the rate fixed or adjustable. If it's an adjustable rate loan, be sure to ask how it will affect your loan payment.
  2. Points - These are broker or lender fees for the loan. One point is equal to 1%. Ask for these points to be quoted in dollar amount so you will know exactly what you will have to pay.
  3. Fees - They are everywhere from transaction fees, loan origination, underwriting, broker, settlement, to closing cost fees. These fees are negotiable so make sure to discuss the fees included in the loan with your lender.
  4. Down Payment - Many lenders offer mortgage loans where less than 20% of the home purchase price, but there are some lenders who require at least 20%. You may be required to purchase a PMI, Private Mortgage Insurance, if a down payment of 20% is not made. This is a protection most lenders make incase the loan defaults.

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