Rent a Bouncy Castle - Do Not Buy

Chances are that most people have walked through the aisle at a discount superstore and seen the bouncy castles that tower over the aisles. Your kids beg and plead with you to purchase a bouncy that they can play on in their very own backyard. But should you purchase a bouncy castle for your own backyard?

Many people do decide to purchase a bouncy castle for themselves. This however may not be the best decision for you. The first thing that you must consider is the space that the bouncy will take up in your garage. Do you see the nice little box that the inflatable comes in? That unit will never fit in that nice little box again. Once you inflate it and play on it, it will be very difficult to roll up again.

Another consideration when looking at purchasing a bouncy castle is just how sturdy the store bought ones are versus the commercial ones that you rent. These units are made very differently and that should be taken into account. It is very easy to tear a store bought bouncy castle, and chances are that the store will not take the castle back once it is torn.

The last thing you should consider is safety. Have you ever set up a bouncy castle before? Most rental companies that rent inflatables train their employees on how to properly set the units up. This is important, especially considering the fact that your kids will be playing on the units.

Take all these considerations into account when thinking about purchasing a bouncy castle of your very own.

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