After briefly wages Adsense

All Adsense Publisher everywhere must be delighted as they neared the end of the month, especially on 24 tomorrow, because on that date Mbah Google will pay all publishernya simultaneously and at the same time, I myself will probably miss out InsyaAllah mbah google salary because now officially become publishernya .

Anxious because this is the first thing to be honest and not too faham ane true about the manner of the withdrawal from Adsense via WU, despite the many tutors and read about the experiences of adsense publishers are already ahead of me, but think doubt is still there. but even so, this becomes the most memorable thing for us 'A Bloggers' time to find something new and something good for us.

of the first blogging there ane not want to come kepikiran monetize, but because it had been through a couple of times become addicted, to the extent that search continues as many opportunities to acquire it, the point is to meet the satisfaction and curiosity. glad to be accepted into the official publisher of this gogole adsense and motivate me to keep working and keep blogging with google, from here ane think that blogging can be proved as a profession is yes .. because there are proven results and there is proof.

God bless you, prior to today and tomorrow that will come, thank you also for mbah google and blogger friends that happen in a big community 'Blogger' is eksist and continue to work together and help each other. keep blogging. Happy to help and very happy if they received aid: D hehehe.

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