The End Period of the month, Adsense

Based on the sources and information I read in blogs google adsense master, like and, there are some things we need to watch out by publishernya as at the end of this month, one of whom is about the time period Tense First Disbursement , according to them, the first disbursement process, the second and third, Google adsense is not yet fully trust us as publishernya, in other words, they are still analyzing to Absahan Earning / Income us while we work on them.

So, therefore, all of Publisher that at the beginning of the first month is scheduled to receive earnings, either through WU or check, at the end of the month that they checked the account validity, legality Click the ad on their site well calculated and carefully by the Employee adsense, the analysis by methods and possible ways we never think of, so at that time was a stressful time for each adsense publisher.

However, for us who work with honest, pure user clicks coming from direct traffic or search engine does not need to worry, because Google knows exactly who is cheating and who's playing fair.

One last week I learn and find information about the ins and outs of adsense, from how the optimization, the payment process, regulation, and the forbidden thing google adsense which can affect performance as well as publishernya related to our membership, it turned out to be indeed dominated correctly by our TOS should we really follow it wisely.

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