Solvent Recovery Systems from NexGen

Several days ago I got a job from my lecturer of Hygiene course environment, where a task that should I take is on the waste processing and how well and efficiently. ber hours I find information about this on the internet and finally I found a site that has information.

and finally with the information and data I get from that site, a task that I created entitled solvent Recovery Systems from NexGen, why is that? because I have reviewed a waste product manager who is very good and new idea or product is not yet known by many people with so many task I hope this method can be developed and carried out in our place.

This product works with a solvent Recovery that is safe and is very clean and has a very cheap price, solvent Recovery System developed in this new country and some have grown rapidly in those countries because the quality is so good, Waste Recovery System in the country we are still very simple and traditional, with a different system that is applied by the company nexgen this, they apply the demolition waste by using the solvent as pelarutnya. This is a new technology that we need to develop and follow us because this is good for all of us.

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