About Fake PageRank

Fake Page Rank is used to express a lie about rank of a domain engineering, fake page rank created by the adherents of black hat SEO, they do this in different ways to pleasure generally experimental materials, and sometimes for cyberspace crimes such as fraud and other. More Fake PageRank known as a False rating and certainly detrimental to the party as we do not know this.

Make a Fake PageRank was not difficult enough to be done by a novice who was curious about this, surfs sir google services with the keyword 'Making Fake PageRank' will take us to pages that explain how to make this short and easy to clear, even in a corner there was a contest to make it as their own interests, whether it is wrong?

A Simple blog with domain pagerank 7 can get easyly after the update google pagerank, but the pagerank it is suspect, because google is not merely giving to each blog pagerank, google party notice many things ranging from the most important thing is the content of a site / blog, into the aslian writings contained therein as well as traffic that goes into it, with the foundation to the above then the PR Valid we got to the trust. while the blog with a domain that has at least Fake PageRank lasted only a month or more, because every time Google is always doing Update to things that are not considered reasonable as it is Fake Page Rank.

For those of us who like to buy a particular domain by public relations, please be careful with a case like this, it often happens Fraud, High PR Domain Ber selling cheap in solely to deceive us, not one person who has become the victim but had many, Action prevention we can do no more than careful.

5 Responses to "About Fake PageRank"

  1. Medeni yah..!!??
    Ngomong2 pake google translate eah..!!? masih ada yang belum di translate yuh..!!!

  2. Asli ngaco banget translate nya. Hahahahahaha :))

  3. Wah,, kalian tega lah sama aku,, hoho...

    lagi sedih neh,, PR ane digebuk jadi N/A ma google.. :((

  4. naha bisa kitu ley, padahal teu ngiluan PTR. emang sih gosip na PR rek di hapus

  5. waduh.. ah tapi bae lah.. main Adsense wae.. ameh aman.. woke..

    eh tapi blog nu lain mah malah naik,, aya nu jadi 2, aya nu stand by di 0, aya nu hIji oge.. wkwkwkwkwk aya-aya wae


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