Account Adsense Infolinks has banned

do not know what the background of this case, but it seems not just low-class players are getting attention from Google on one of affiliations programs Google adsense, publishers have been known and have names like any infolinks get the same penalty as we know, namely banned by Google adsense. where I know that google adsense infolinks on this day in banned? try check one link. certainly among all the links in mention broken or limited by the adsense.

adsense is a sign that it is fair to all publisher, for me this new study, received $ 0.7 Every day seems to be a valuable experience and should be considered and maintained. but for them, an income of $ 100 per day, is not a strange thing, even ordinary things .. even so, still rules is rules.

and maybe in the near future infolinks will seek with all their strength to regain his adsense account, surely a good thing for us because our income will be increased instead. fun can find exciting things like this, in addition to insight..

therefore, our experience working with google adsense, which is difficult as we make a valuable lesson materials, because all of that for our growth and future success as anything. especially for new players who are still fun to experiment with the accounts, do not be too complacent. be careful.

7 Responses to "Account Adsense Infolinks has banned"

  1. clean style ah maen adsense na...

    tingali ayeuna

  2. Wah.. Muantep be.. keren UY..

  3. @Exelinca
    Siapa nya yang narsis nih.. :)]

    Waduh.. malah nyungkun.. kasian lagi mereka bang.. :D

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