Adsense Account Every Day $ 5

After two days last one, look no my adsense earnings growth, about what's going on? not to get banned again from Sir google because suddenly increased earnings, a native of this fair visitors click, not click fraud, I feel a bit scared by this sudden fear google angry again as my experience yesterday.

I hope all is well me and there was no rumor that is tilted about it, as for me so expect Google to give information and a clearer description if there is a defect of my account, because I do not want anymore of banned because of this , was just one time I experienced it, but it was very painful, in contrast to the friends who even difficult to get approval from google to be publishernya, yesterday, I received directly gratitude list so publishernya, now I intend to work seriously and with the right way.

For my friends who used to work with adsense, give some knowledge to me, because I was still learning, it takes a lot of information about this. although I've been working with adsense, but science is still nothing compared to all the friends.

5 Responses to "Adsense Account Every Day $ 5"

  1. Malah sekarang sudah bengkak jadi $8,, aku takut sebenarnya.. tapi ya dinikmati saja.. :D fiss

  2. :) good mas.. ajarin donk triknya hehe :)

  3. aku juga gak tau bisa kayak gitu mas.. cuma setelah submit artikel di situs-situs sosial bookmarking,, ya jadi seperti itu.. tapi gak tentu juga.. kadang bagus.. kadang biasa aja.. ;D

  4. oe newbie banget soal adsense , cm kalo di pikir2 ngeri juga kalo earning hariannya mantep banget , di curigai google , tanpa ba bi bu ... di ban ... mudah2 aman setosa deh bos.
    btw ... ajarin trik optimasinya adsense dong


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