Earn $1 Every Refferal

Looks like fun if we could sit quietly and wait for money to come pouring into our accounts every day instead, does not need a lot of work, writing or doing other activities, which is required here only invite friends to join our site and then we'll get paid every time someone is successful enrolled. I was also the first list in this program, the new told by my friend yesterday. menyenagkan. maybe some of our colleagues who have long played with the PTR must know this program, but some have not yet,, an explanation of this program is as follows :

This may be exactly the same as paid program reviews or ordinary we know it with the term PTR, paid to create a writing, jobnya too much, just watch the front page if you are already registered, in addition, prices also refferalnya large enough, ie for $1 is different from other PTR programs, that value directly credited to our account directly on the spot.

and If you have registered as a member and successfully login to the member area, you will see a list of jobs that you might have to do it quickly. The following is a screen shootnya.

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Good Luck, You can register HERE

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3 Responses to "Earn $1 Every Refferal"

  1. boleh di coba nih........
    ikutan ahhh

  2. Saya baru tahu tentang hal ini. Munkin kedepan akan dipertimbangkan untuk mengais dollar :D

  3. Ya.. silahkan saya mas.. cuma sebagai info saja kok


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