More serious with Google Adsense

As a blogger, and as one who likes to find a lot of experience and knowledge on the internet, we should go and move on to try new things there in front of us, for some things may need to examine and learn first, but it these things will be easier to understand if we are in practice it directly.
Be patien with google

As you know about this blog once using the Indonesian language that in fact is personal or just telling my personal experience as a blogger. but now, I'm trying to stay one step ahead in learning how to work with adsense, which is one way to use blogs with English language content.

Because some time ago, I learned about google adsense, and it requires me to do this, then like it or not, I have to do it for a few things I want to achieve during this diblog writing, so that is not useless and could be useful to all , especially for me personally.

From now on, this blog will be packaged in English, although the language of this blog translate the results, but no problem for me, an important item remains in it original and not copy paste the results of other people or other blogs behind this blog, because it is not for my own fun.

and for my personal blog, maybe I'll move to wordpress blog with a machine that has the custome domain, might be a move for a while I do this blogging activity. Please support from all friends. thanks.

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