Paypal made a sudden inspection

Two Day Yesterday, I surprised her by coming e-mail notification from paypal parties stating that my account is temporarily restricted, what the hell? I kept asking my friends fellow bloggers. and found, not only just me who got an e-mail like that, some of my friends also got it.

But it turned out, after the probe was paypal perform inspections or examination of all accounts it deems suspicious views of activities and to become aktifannya for our members. for me it does not matter, the two-day intervals after that, that is today, an e-mail notifications about the status of any release I've received and now I can go back to work to receive and send money with paypal, what's really going on?

Only routine so the story, hehe,, really very surprised yesterday when I logged into my account on paypal, the paypal asking for some documents and supporting documents to certify that I am right as the owner, even to change the passwords of all, e-mail address was on update, all the security as well as security question in the locker. This may be exactly as refreshing or enlightenment conducted once a year. for safety and convenience of the users across the country this internet.

The plan also withdraw money that had faltered now I can do, I have money in paypal store big enough to pay lodging and meals for a month, and next month we are looking for more, yeah, bravo blogger

3 Responses to "Paypal made a sudden inspection"

  1. But now,, my account fully reserved by paypal.. i'm happy

  2. wtf are you even trying to say?

  3. i try to tell my experience with paypal several day ago.. :D and it'work..


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