Have New Blog proved Exciting

This is a new blog for the rest of the corn, or the content of the writing in this blog is also still a little, but even so, this blog is a blog which I am most proud of and I loved, because in addition to the first blog of all blogs that use blogger, this one using wordpress, and hostingan domain itself, this blog is also a blog that I'll make a stopover place forever in this virtual world. in addition to domain using my personal id, there are also a lot of history to it and it is not possible iniyang blog I forget.

Have New Blog proved Exciting

While calling for the sentence currently feeling I felt, I mentioned it was true, with the completion of the making of this blog I was getting a new thing in this life, whatever that might be the satisfaction of what I do during the making of this blog. future plans with this blog, I'll try to write about Monetize Blog, Blogging SEO, Google Adsense, Tips and Tricks and Stories "Ngaler-Ngidul", may be useful for all friends, while for this blog's content all from pengalamanyang I have experienced during blogging and a half years ago until now, hopefully can help.

but for the development and improvement, I do not close the opportunity for friends to criticize and give advice to the writings that would later I wrote in this blog, because I'm sure, my friends all of whom have many more schools of and has far exceeded My experience.

because the Internet is, in my opinion not the most influential science, but how much they or we have experience of working with the Internet, joy and sorrow, pengetahuanbaru, and any mobile nature or uptodate making people be more experienced in Respect than people who know the science.

this paper up here first, no more than welcome in this new blog, please support and cooperation.

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  1. wah saya juga sedang bereksperimen kecil2 antara blog WP dan blogspot. ternyata memang mantao yang WP ya? saya jg dalam waktu dekat akan lebih banyak ke WP


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