Social Bookmarking as a Traffic Source

Ever heard the term social bookmarking? or terms of Social Networking Sites? familiarnya or more sites such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, etc.? you should already know right? these sites we usually use to find friends and new acquaintances, promotions or even make this place as a place to hang out and talk to one another.

In this case we see more in the social bookmarking site is that there are many secrets were hidden in it, to increase popularity, Traffic, SEO and earnings of our course. Some well-known Social bookmarking like digg, delicious, Stumbleupon, Technoraty can we use as a source of traffic and a source of great potential backlinks.

to get high traffic at least we have to register in more than ten social bookmarking and men'Submit regularly writing articles or there so we indirectly create a permanent backlink on your site traffic to our blog or website, this blog is new but publishkan traficnya a day can get hundreds and almost transparent thousand every day, it was not because the service-site social bookmarking sites I use.

I registered in more than 20 social bookmarking and all updates automatically every time I do a post on this blog, in addition to ease the task of the roads I (blogwalking), using also add social bookmarking backling from leading sites such as digg, dellicious, stumbleupon Deel-el.

Hopefully this article adds a little inspiration, blogging was easy and not difficult, even only with a simple text we can famous. hehe .. [ngarep]

In addition to free, site, social bookmarking sites are also providing facilities and convenience are worth

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