Was I ready to be leader

When someone is in a position where he must make an appropriate decision on the issues it faces, therein lies a leader who is reliable and can be relied upon by his friends, but so do not be a new to the world organization can be positioned directly in as a chairman at a great activity? is not possible if he can do his job well, whether he might not be the first best when successfully carried out its mission with a perfect?

Actually, this is my personal writing, about what was my experience today, where, an hour before the decision was taken by my friends that I have become chairman of a technology Gebyar activities to be held by the college where I learn. not an easy thing to decide was willing or not to take that position, but if I can? while there are still many people and friends who may be eligible to serve as a chairman at such prestigious events? exciting, confusing and makes me think two to three times.

maybe I'll try to learn first how to be a good leader and be role models for each of his subordinates, this becomes a useful experience for my future, an opportunity that might not come twice. in vain if I ignore this opportunity, there will be no results, but nevertheless, I am confident that I can .. I will be able.

nothing is important in this writing, only suggests to friends who have the same opportunities as I mentioned above, do not waste it, take that position and be the best, everyone would have included you.

4 Responses to "Was I ready to be leader"

  1. Nice post, you give me motivation :) , hope you always write a good post.

  2. Yes already became a leader! a leader of bullshit...!!! wakakakaka... :))


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