Rope lights are the perfect versatile accent lighting

Rope lights are the perfect versatile accent lighting of today. Shop now for unbeatable deals on rope lights, Christmas lights, holiday string lights, rope light silhouettes, patio lights, mini lights, novelty lights and a huge selection of other types of decorative and accent lighting for commercial and residential use.

LED rope light features much longer life and offers more energy savings than regular rope light
Expected life of LED bulbs is 100,000 hours!
LED rope lighting boasts very low energy use
Long runs: Up to 600 feet maximum operating length
LED lights generate almost no heat

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the new wave of rope light technology. LEDs are basically tiny light bulbs that, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, have no filament. As a result, they require less energy, produce less heat and last a great deal longer. With LEDs, energy is not wasted heating a filament and a greater percentage of power is going directly to generate light, making them much brighter than traditional bulbs. Furthermore, the bulb is constructed out of heavy plastic and therefore remarkably durable.

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