Set to Boundaries With Your Boss

It's good to be the "go-to" guy on the job. You please the boss. You're respected, looked up to, admired. Yes, the "go-to" guy is what so many aspire to be.

John Harris used to be the "go-to" guy. Harris screened calls, ran interference and made things happen for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich -- at least until both men were charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and a count of soliciting bribes. Harris was caught in a web of deceit, bribery and poor ethics, operating as Blagojevich's chief of staff.

While the former governor continues to claim his innocence and exploits his notoriety with an appearance in the upcoming "Celebrity Apprentice," Harris seems to have recognized the severity of the charges.

What is Mr. Harris doing these days? Now he's the government's "go-to" guy. As part of his plea bargain agreement, Harris will be one of the key witnesses in the Blagojevich trial come June 2010. Yes, it's good to be the "go-to" guy.

Was Harris pressured by Blagojevich to act out this criminal behavior? Did Harris fear losing his job -- or worse, fear for his safety? His family's safety?

Establishing boundaries in the workplace can be tricky and sometimes difficult, although it's seldom as dramatic as the choices Harris faced. But if your organization's environment does not foster a comfortable climate for feedback, employee and corporate success suffers. Establishing realistic and appropriate boundaries in the employee-boss relationship and even key to the health of the organization.

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