I want to Build a Trade Show Display

Any people know about where i can use a service that can manage my proposal? i need to build a trade show display with a high quality of service, simple and different from all service, i hope it can really my show wonderful, if you know some information about that you can ask me on my e-mail: aleydoank18@gmail.com.

Update 26 January 2011, There is some information from Max: I know some information about trade show display, you can trust and use this service so you can satisfied. just try

Trade show exhibits are used at a variety of events to present products, ideas, build awareness and more. They can be printed or you can Velcro graphics to them. They are extremely portable and utilize a shipping case that can be checked in as luggage and converted to a podium.

Event table covers come in a variety of shapes and colors. They can be printed in rich colors and you can add your logo. Used at trade fairs, job fairs, conventions, in stores and other events.

Table top displays are just like exhibits, except they fit on top of a table. They come in panel systems, pop ups, banner stands, etc… Presenters should order table covers too.

Directors chairs are made of hardwood usually and have been used in the film industry for 100 years. Trade shows use them for seating because logos can be silk screened onto them.

That is some reviews from other people, max, he was said to me that he was use this service, and it's satisfied him, so i maybe for tomorrow will use this service too, because i believe it can good for my show.

and if you, you can search on search engine or use this recommendation to use on your show. thank you

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